New details about Martha’s cell change

Woman who was placed in Martha’s soitary cell (during the switch) was a person, who in opinion of other woman inmates is HIV carrier and is sick with AIDS.

After returning to her cell after one day, Martha found the cell exceptionally dirty. There were spots of blood in different places, probably after menstruation.
Martha cleaned the place thouroughly. She cleaned the shower for two days before she decided to use it.

The woman, probably sick with AIDS, after one day was transferred in Martha’s place and lived with another woman from Poland for a week, in another block, on second floor. Then she was transferred to solitary cell.

Majority of the women serving their sentences in Dochas prison, were convicted for drug-related crimes. Some of them probably have AIDS.
The test are carried out during admission to prison, but the results are not disclosed.
The inmates pass the information on who to avoid by themselves. They determine by themselves, who can be a HIV carrier or sick with AIDS

The situation with cell changing was explained to Martha

On friday, conversation with Martha was conducted, and the the reasons of confusion with changing the cell was explained to her. First change turned out to be a mistake.

Thank you for clearing the situation for Martha. Thanks to this conversation, Martha also received things waiting for her since june this year.

Thank you

Martha’s cell changed again?

Today Martha informed us, that once more she has 24 hours to change the cell – this time returning to previous one.
Additional nuisance is that Martha has to move her things from higher floor of one building to the ground floor in another building. In addition it’s raining and it’s cold.
Yesterday’s cell changing was supposed to be only a mistake?!

Martha’s prison cell was changed

Yesterday Martha informed us, that she has 24 hours to pack her belongings and move to another prison cell.
Till now Martha was in one person cell on ground floor.
From now on she is supposed to be in a cell on next floor, with another Polish woman serving her sentence.
Martha was told, that the change is temporary.