Abnormalities in Martha’s case

  1. Not collecting the contents of text messages from Csaba
  2. Not collecting the list of phone calls and text messages from a longer period – a week or two – only 3 last days list was collected
  3. Suggesting Martha’s secret phone – Martha used two phones equally
  4. Lack of recordings from CCTV cameras on the route of Martha’s and Csaba’s ride together
  5. Destroying of the recordings from two CCTV cameras – not interrogating the person, who saw those recordings before destruction.
  6. Late arrival of the car accident expert – too late analysis of the braking marks
  7. Not establishing the velocity with which car broke through the barriers
  8. Not establishing if the quality of the barriers was adequate and if it was sufficient security – after the accident barriers were change for more solid.
  9. Not establishing WHO braked and with WHAT
  10. Not establishing if ABS in the car worked, if it was damaged in the moment of car hitting the electrical box
  11. Not collecting any fingerprints from the car
  12. Not establishing who opened the car window – not collecting the fingerprints from the window opening button
  13. Not carrying out an on-site verification with Martha – not establishing when Martha smoked a cigarette and opened the window, and when she closed it
  14. Not establishing if hand brake was used – not collecting the fingerprints from hand-brake, not interrogating the divers about what was the hand-brake position in the sunk car
  15. Not collecting the fingerprints from cockpit – not establishing of the behavior of passanger in the car
  16. Not examining of Csaba for the impact of taking steroids and products aiding the muscle growth on the rise of emotional arousal
  17. Lack of any kind of establishing of the impact of Csaba’s behavior, on causing the accident
  18. Not establishing that it was implausible that Csaba, as a waiter and a worker on few passenger ferries could not swim
  19. Spreading the untruth, that Csaba could not swim, and had a panic fear of water
  20. Lack of establishing of Martha’s mental condition in the moment of the accident
  21. Not examining Martha on the presence of alcohol in blood
  22. Forcing first interrogation right after the accident: or she will testify and can go home later, or she will be locked (not informing Martha, that she could be locked only for 24 hours)
  23. Lack of the translator – in the hospital and at the first interrogation
  24. First interrogation of Martha without the presence of a doctor
  25. Lack of attorney during the first interrogation of Martha
  26. Not recording of first interrogation of Martha
  27. Arresting and interrogating Martha – 12 hours – alternately screaming and treating with cigarette
  28. Passive participation of the translator during a recorded interrogation – doesn’t translate everything to Martha, only suggests her, when she misses a word
  29. Calling Martha lawyer by Garda in the evening, to convince Martha to consent on prolonging the interrogation – pushing the interrogated, overtired, hungry Martha
  30. Suggesting that Martha lied in the first testimony – words of Mariusz about where Csaba could get in Martha’s car were taken as Martha’s words
  31. Not examining Martha with polygraph – Martha expressed such wish
  32. Violating the Presumption of innocence rule – free using of every detail against Martha, without any evidence
  33. Unexpected adding the testimony of a nurse after three years from the accindent, and adding her incredibly thorough notes (from the same town as investigators)
  34. Incredibly thorough notes of the nurse – more about Martha and Csaba than about Martha’s health condition, very precise time of Martha calling the phone
  35. Incredibly thorough notes of the nurse – the nurse at the hospital interrogates Victor first, earlier and more thoroughly than Garda
  36. Media campaing and issuing the verdict in Irish media before the trial
  37. First chairman of the jury hides the fact, that she is a retired Garda officer
  38. Wrong advice from the lawyer, that Martha would not testify
  39. Wrong advice from the lawyer, that Martha would not show emotions, would not grimace and cry
  40. Wrong advice from the attorney, that Martha and her family would not talk to any media
  41. Biased course of the trial at the Court – the Judge doesn’t take defence proposals into account
  42. Biased relations of the course of the trial by Irish media – lack of interest and getting out during defence speaking
  43. Not informing the jury by the Judge about all possibilities regarding making the decision
  44. Not informing the jury by the judge, that the jury didn’t have to make a decision in the case of doubts
  45. The jury makes the decision in last possible hours

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