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“Who was he to me? – … He often appeared in places where I liked to spend time especially on the beach … I advised him … to stop paying for sex and have sex with agency girls. He said that he was a guy and he must but if I agree with him it will stop … for me it is a disease and a very gross thing … I could never be with such a person “- fragment of Marta’s book

He insisted on meeting. He often appeared in places where I liked to spend time especially on the beach. When he pulled up to the beach I tried to talk to him gently that I am sorry but I can’t be with him. I did not want him to be sad so I advised him what not to do so that he could shape his life. Especially so that he would stop paying for sex and have sex with agency girls. He said he was a man and he must, but if I agree with him it will stop. I didn’t tell him that it was a disease for me and a very gross thing that I could never be with such a person.

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Death always comes too early – words of gratitude for Senior Marshal of Polish Parliament Kornel Morawiecki

On Monday, September 30, 2019, before noon, in the presence of his so, the Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, Marshal Senior Kornel Morawiecki had passed away.
In unanimous opinion of Polish people – remarkable personality, a man of action, a patriot, an outstanting Pole.
From our own experience we can also say, a man sensitive to someones harm.
Marshal Senior Kornel Morawiecki, despite attending important matters of the State, and his own health problems, took interest in the case of Martha Herda.
After getting to know the case, he saw the need to intervene in the case of Martha Herda.
The family asked him to wait untim Martha will find herself in Poland…

We wholeheartedly thank the Marshal Senior Kornel Morawiecki for his interest in the case of Martha Herda. This alone was a huge support for Martha and the source of great comfort.
Martha got to know about Marshal’s death on Monday noon. It was exceptionally hard day…

On behalf of Martha Herda and her Family, we express our sincere compassion to the family of late Marshal Senior Kornel Morawiecki.
We express our special sympathy to the Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki, and to Jerzy Morawiecki.
The more Outstanting Man, the greater emptiness remains…

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Life imprisonment in Irish criminal law versus the judgement in the “Ice Queen Killer” case – Prokuratura i Prawo, No. 4/2019, Izabela Jankowska-Prochot PhD (in Polish language)

Źródło: https://pk.gov.pl/prokuratura/prokuratura-i-prawo/opublikowane-numery/rok-2019/numer-4-25/numer-4-2019/

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From behind bars Martha Herda throws a challenge for Fergus O’Brien – “Let us both be examined with a lie detector” (video with english subtitles)


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Member of Polish Parliament Piotr Liroy-Marzec supports Martha Herda (video in Polish language)

Member of Polish Parliament Piotr Liroy-Marzec supports Martha Herda

Source: https://www.facebook.com/28628345320/posts/10161545317310321/


Hello everyone. I would like to tell you about an action in which we are involved. Pomocdlamarty.pl. It’s about Martha Herda, who was wrongfully convicted to lifetime imprisonment in Ireland. You can read all about it under the video, you can get involved too. Now we are searching for any means to help Martha’s family, so she can come to Poland to be judged fairly, in a fair trial, which will be based on evidence not figments. So we ask you: pomocdlamarty,ok, get involved with us and let’s help the family, let’s help the girl who is in trouble, and she is cut off from the world in Ireland.

Best wishes and thank you.

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The story of drama of Martha Herda- Lesław Obłój on zdjęcia.ovh (in Polish language)

Marta Herda – help – freedom

Tragic story of Martha Herda. A call for help in freeing her from prison, where she is serving lifetime imprisonment sentence for a crime she didn’t commit.

The story of drama of Martha Herda – a Polish woman serving a lifetime imprisonment sentence. Wrongly, because everything indicates that she didn’t commit the crime she was sentenced for. I have expressed my view on the case in this article, which is also a call for help for Martha.

Source: https://zdjecia.ovh/pomoc-dla-marty-herdy.html

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Summary of 2018 – a failure, a success, an unknown

We could write a lot about 2018.

We will limit to 3 categories:

1. Failure
The main failure is that Martha is still in prison.
Engagement of many people, next TV program, few press articles, websites, didn’t make any important change.
Are we anywhere further?
Rather we’ve lost time, health, and more…

2. Success
In the success category we put two situations:

Th…, s… – how to say this politely – la…, let’s use the word: parting with Martha’s former attorney.
The attorney pointed by accusing GARDA.
GARDA, who came to such brilliant conclusions. Criminal Fantasy. Parody, Caricature, Farce, Grotesque  or Drama, or rather Tragedy with elements of Absurd.
Irish “classics”.
We finally managed to part with the attorney effectively only on May 20, 2018.
Way, way to late.
Martha assessed, that it would be better if she defended herself only with family and friends.
In was an extremely and exceptionally effective attorney only in one matter – keeping Martha from changing him.
We don’t understand this.
If you can’t cope, you can’t do it, why do you want to be there at all cost?
In some countries, first instance attorney wouldn’t be able to lead the case in next instances.
If Martha needed an “assurer” that it will be all right, we would hire some good motivational speaker or a psychologist, not an attorney.
But Martha’s former attorney did everything well and he doesn’t understand why this happened.

It seems that finally Martha, and her family had grown to appropriate actions.
Naive faith in honesty and justice in Ireland have ended.

3. Unknown
Unexpectedly, current Martha’s attorney has been promoted to this category.
After all our peanyas and admiration, a screeching reality comes out.
All may still be good. Maybe…
Although now it will be very, very hard…
Time will tell…
Will current attorney show exceptional engagement and exceptional effectiveness?
After 2019 will we say that this was a SUCCESS or a FAILURE?
Will the words of one of the people confirm that “In Ireland, you can not trust ANY lawyer”?

Unfortunately we are one of the people happy that 2018 finally ended.
We’re smarter this year.
Painfully smarter.

But are we smart enough, determined enough to lead to positive ending in 2019?