If you know something new about Martha’s case – COME, write to us or call

From today, one of the largest television stations in Poland – TVN – will be filming next part of the “TVN Uwaga” story in Ireland.

Marta Herda skazana na dożywocie. Wyrok w Irlandzkim więzieniu | Oficjalna strona programu UWAGA! TVN

Source: uwaga.tvn.pl/reportaze,2671,n/marta-herda-skazana-na-dozywocie-wyrok-w-irlandzkim-wiezieniu,243504.html

The reportage will be realized by the editors of “TVN Uwaga” and “Superwizjer”. Recordings will be held in Arklow and Dublin.

We invite every person, who has new, not yet disclosed information, and are ready to come to Arklow or Dublin, as well as friends of Martha and Csaba, from today until friday, 17th of november.

Please inform us by sending email to: contact@helpformartha.org or kontakt@pomocdlamarty.pl

One thought on “If you know something new about Martha’s case – COME, write to us or call

  1. Well done, this is very important to explain all details, circumstances of the accident, weather conditions, storm at Arclow 26 March 2013.
    I hope that Polish TV TVN will reach the relevant people for the accident of Marta and Csaba, such as a nurse, Garda officer, court spokesman, Marta and Csaba’s friends, Superintendent of the Docha prison. Or maybe you can talk to, for example, the Irish Mirror, which in the article of Niall Moonan 29.07.2016
    she wrote so many lies, calling Marta a murderer and an evil waitress, the cold-hearted killer.
    Niall Moonan quoted Irish Independent:
    “Keep up the good work, wish you were here, hope you catch the killer,”
    I saw all four postcards from Poland.
    There was no such idiotic wishes.
    For what reason people choose to lie so horribly, and consequently destroy the life of an innocent girl ?

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