“Nobody has to do the sentence with me…”

Lately Martha doesn’t even check whether someone is booked for visit or not.
Will anyone of her friends will come or not?
She doesn’t check, she doesn’t wait.
Does this mean that she accepted staying in prison?
Absolutely not.
She knows, she’s imprisoned wrongly.
She’s very active and she supports her family in the fight for her freedom.

Recently, one of her friends, that come visit her regularly, left for a short period of time.
Other friends couldn’t come to visit Martha also.
As a result, no one came to Martha for some time.
The family asked Martha how she handles herself.
Martha said, that she “undersands, that everyone has their families and their businesses. Nobody has to do the sentence with me…”
That’s why she stopped checking if someone comes. She stopped looking forward.
The visit of every person, who wishes to spend one’s time and money, to get to Martha. To get to Martha from different places in Ireland (not only from Dublin).
Every such visit becomes very nice and very pleasant surprise for Martha.

Martha is grateful for every such visit, and she thanks everyone from the heart.
She doesn’t look forward, she doesn’t force.
She understands.
She’s grateful, and she thanks…

Marta on a trip to Wicklow Gap

May 29, 2016. A trip with friends to Wicklow Gap. A month before the trial

Another example of “truthfullness” of media reports

Special dinner held on 8th of december 2017 showed how much truth was in earlier media reports about “alleged” friendship of Martha in jail.

In previous reports media have “chosen” a friend for Martha.
It must have been a person with maximum sentence, who committed a terrifying crime.
Additionaly, something in common was searched for, e.g. east european origin.

How truthful those reports were, showed the behaviour of those present on special dinner on 8th of december 2017.
On one side of the table, 6 women sentenced to lifetime imprisonment with their relatives, then few chairs of break.
On the other end of the table – Martha and 3 people close to her.

The journalists who wrote about friendships made by Martha in jail should see this view.
Martha was associated with people, who commited extremely shocking crimes.

Examples of information about Martha’s friendships:



Polskie Echo

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In prison, in which Martha is now, she has no enemies and she doesn’t seek friends.

Gifts from Martha’s friends – Martha can not give anything to anyone

On thursday, Martha was visited by two of her friends.

Martha’s friend left small presents for Martha, gathered by kind people, who learned about the visit.

Gifts for Martha from friends

Those gifts were brought by the Irish women.
Thank you very much.

While delivering the gifst, Martha’s friend asked when Martha will receive those things, she was told they will be delivered in the evening.
Martha’s friend also paid €100 to Martha’s account (one time payment limit to the account is €120).

Martha, on the other hand, left gifts for her friends at the reception: a scarf made of yarn, which she made herself for one friend and a surprize for the other.
On the reception the officer said with a smirk, that Martha can not hand over anything from prison.

If you know something new about Martha’s case – COME, write to us or call

From today, one of the largest television stations in Poland – TVN – will be filming next part of the “TVN Uwaga” story in Ireland.

Marta Herda skazana na dożywocie. Wyrok w Irlandzkim więzieniu | Oficjalna strona programu UWAGA! TVN

Source: uwaga.tvn.pl/reportaze,2671,n/marta-herda-skazana-na-dozywocie-wyrok-w-irlandzkim-wiezieniu,243504.html

The reportage will be realized by the editors of “TVN Uwaga” and “Superwizjer”. Recordings will be held in Arklow and Dublin.

We invite every person, who has new, not yet disclosed information, and are ready to come to Arklow or Dublin, as well as friends of Martha and Csaba, from today until friday, 17th of november.

Please inform us by sending email to: contact@helpformartha.org or kontakt@pomocdlamarty.pl

Statement from Marta Herda’s family and friends to Irish mass media.

On 25th of october 2017 we sent an email to television stations and newspapers in Ireland:

“Dear Sirs

For over four years now Irish media publish reports on events related to tragic accident involving Marta Herda, in which the passanger of the car died.

All this time all reports were one-sided: they came from the prosecution or the family of the deceased.

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Making it harder for friends to visit Martha started

Today personal contact of one of Martha’s friends with her by the table, was not allowed.
He was said that he smells with perfumes too intensively. His person was searched, nothing was found and all that was allowed was talking to Martha through a glass.
This happened for the first time.
Is this tormenting Martha further in prison?