“Usually I am sitting in my cell, counting days until next visit or phone call… I don’t need anything from you…” – seventh fragment of Martha’s book

Fragment of the bookUsusally I am sitting in my cell, counting days until next visit or phone call. I don’t hang out with women from the prison, because they live in a totally different world, and they have most different characters, which I prefer to avoid. I try to avoid any complications or provocations, that’s why I prefer to stay in my room.

There is another Polish woman here, to whom I can go for a coffe, and sometimes talk. We sit together in the dining room. It helps me a lot, that I have someone to talk to. But as for the people working here, unfortunately you can feel there is not very nice atmosphere here, I suspect it’s because of my descent.

I could write and write about situations that happened to me here, but about some things, I’m scared to even write. That’s why I keep repeating to myself: “I don’t need anything from you”.

Of course you can not avoid everything. There is always a time of confrontation, and the need to ask for booking the family or other things needed for everyday living, like toilet paper and so on…


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