Making it harder for friends to visit Martha started

Today personal contact of one of Martha’s friends with her by the table, was not allowed.
He was said that he smells with perfumes too intensively. His person was searched, nothing was found and all that was allowed was talking to Martha through a glass.
This happened for the first time.
Is this tormenting Martha further in prison?

Due to problems which Martha has in prison we temporarily suspend playing of the story

On 24th october Martha called her sister and asked her to remove the video of her reading a story to her nephews from our site.
Publishing of this video caused serious problems for her in prison and she suffers many difficulties.
.We don’t understand the necessity of doing this but we respect Martha’s request. The prison in which she currently is, is not a place in which she should be.
But we’re far from making her inprisonment in this unpleasant place more difficult.
Yesterday we temporarily suspended the ability to play the video with Martha reading a story to her sister’s children.
The video was very popular on both our sites: polish and english.
What’s positive is that among the people watching our pages there are officers from prison of which Martha is inmate.