Destroyed recordings from two cameras

There are cameras placed on the building of the Lifeboat House in Arklow, standing near the crossroad.

Two of these cameras on 6:00am recorded running Martha.
Martha stops at the wicket, leans against it, she staggers on her legs, squats down.
Then, with her hands raised she runs on.

The same two cameras recorded, 10 minutes earlier, the ride of Martha’s car with her and Csaba.

Recordings from two cameras from 6:00am – preserved.
Recordings from the same two cameras from 5:50am – 10 minutes earlier – are gone.

What happened?
A Lifeboat House employee reviews all recordings only one week after the accident, makes notes and downloads recordings from two cameras from 6:00 am.
After few more days, he gets back to download the recordings of car driving – at 5:50am – but the recordings are deleted from the monitoring system.

What could be seen on those recordings?
(Both cameras were recording from the car passenger side)

  1. The velocity of the car.
  2. In what posiotion was the passenger of the car – Csaba.
  3. Is the passenger (Csaba) not obscuring the direction of travel and the field of view, to the driver (Martha).
  4. Was the passenger (Csaba) behaviour deviates from normal behaviour.

Those recording were especially important because of:

  • proximity of the accident site
  • catching the moment, when Martha decided not to go to the beach, and turns into the road, on which end she intended to turn the car around
  • the intensity of emotions and agression of the passenger, who realized that Martha surely won’t go to the beach, and really makes a turn to get back and drive him home.

Was the destruction of those recordings, from two cameras from a specific hour, a coincidence?

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Or maybe the recordings have been preserved, but have not been made available?

Why did not “the defence” call as a witness a person, who reviewed the recordings before their destruction, and knows what was on the recordings?

One thought on “Destroyed recordings from two cameras

  1. Yes, this sounds suspicious…

    and most of the time, when officials love to hide something,
    cctv cameras ( surprisingly ) ” were not working” or “recordings are unavailable” :

    READ : we don’t want YOU to know… so when they can be of some use, there is no data.
    Bloody big brother !

    Best wishes for Martha, one day soon She will be free, i hope.

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