What the effect of Martha’s meeting with Mrs Vice-consul will be?

The meeting was very needed.
Martha waited for it for a long time, and she was preparing for it.
The family asked Martha, to write down everything, and to say about every injustice, discrimination and violation s of the law, she suffers in Dochas Centre Prison.
Martha wrote it down, but of course, the prison’s authorities didn’t let Martha to have any piece of paper with her (for some time, special attention has been paid to Martha in this matter).
MArtha had to talk about what she feels, and what she remembers.
We don’t know if she said about everything. Probably not. So many things gathered.
Emotions, reliving difficult moments again… At some point it made Martha Cry, her anger about what’s happening around, but also… helplessness (the effect of collision with… concrete)…

Mrs Vice-consul made notes during talking with Martha.
She announced, that she will want to meet Mrs Governor and she will write her in that matter.

Will it have any effect?
Nevertheless we thank very much to Mrs Consul for her help land for her interest in Martha’s case.
The more people, the more actions… everything can be crushed down, tear down, defeated…

Martha’s meeting with Mrs Vice-consul finally happens

Today, finally, the meeting of Martha and Mrs Vice-consul happened.

First, Mrs Vice-consul sent an e-mail announcing the visit, and she received the confirmation of receiving the e-mail by prison authorities.
She arrived at the announced time and… was not let in.
After all, the prison must send an e-mail confirming the consent for the visit. And there was no such e-mail. Prison authorities didn’t consent for the visit yet.
It doesn’t matter that Mrs Vice-consul is a high representative of other country.
Ireland shows it’s superiority at every step, and especially the prison authorities.
The second time, Mrs Vice-consul sent an e-mail announcing the visit again, she received the confirmation of receiving the message, but sh didn’t go, only waited for prison’s consent. There was no consent, until the planned day of visit, and so the visit become outdated.

It seems that now, all formalities of prison’s authorities, including the time long enough for giving consent, were completed, and finally, a high representative of Polish authorities was able to talk to Polish citizen, who already asked for a prompt help and intervention a long time ago…
Problems, problems, problems… And behind them…

Thank You mrs Vice-Consul from Consular Department of Polish Embassy in Dublin

We thank very much Mrs Vice-Consul from Consular Department of Polish Embassy in Dublin – Mrs Patrycja Grochecka.
We thank you very much for commitment in the case of Martha and for planning a visit in Dochas Centre penitentiary.
For Mrs Vice-Consul to come to the prison, Martha had to personally ask the consulate. Martha wrote a letter on Tuesday, March 27, and passed it for sending to Polish Embassy in Dublin. Martha asked for an urgent meeting
In those hard for Martha moments, such a meeting will surely be needed.

Mrs Vice-Consul as a employee of Polish Embassy, may visit Martha without any problems (just as her attorney).

Will Martha present all of her comments officially during the meeting? Will she tell about every form of discrimination she encounters in Dochas Centre prison in Dublin?