Summary of january – we thank You very much

Interest in Polish version of this site ( in January 2018.
Total of 60 countries. Top 10 countries:

Poland 68,73 %
Ireland 7,91 %
United Kingdom 6,94 %
Germany 3,01 %
Netherlands 1,68 %
United States 1,25 %
France 0,77 %
Sweden 0,47 %
Denmark 0,35 %
Belgium 0,31 %

A day after airing of the Superwizjer programme on TVN24 we have noted record amount of views on – 10 468.

Two “waves” also started: wave of sympathy, help and support, and the second one: the hate wave.
Those two waves collided each other.
We don’t quite understand this collision. With a little bit of logical thinking, the “hate wave” should aptly determine the “people worth hating” and go in the same direction. Unless hate doesn’t follow any rules or laws. Time will tell.
We also thank You, Dear Haters. You’ve made the discussion about the case of Martha more vivid.
We hope that we will continue to be able to count on your spontaneous and impulsive reactions.

We thank everyone very much for a vivid reaction, real help and actual actions in favor of Martha, in favor of reclaiming justice, and to fix what have happened.

As Poles we are not able to differ BEAUTIFULLY.
But we can MARVELLOUSLY help each other.


Thank You very much.

Interest with site (polish version of in december

Interest with, polish version of
Total: 44 countries. Top 10 countries:

Poland 72,87 %
United Kingdom 11,62 %
Ireland 7,26 %
Germany 2,08 %
Netherlands 1,79 %
United States 1,01 %
France 0,60 %
Spain 0,38 %
Sweden 0,25 %
Belgium 0,22 %


We thank very much fellow compatriots for active interest. We particularly thank all Polish people in Poland, and Polonia in Great Britain and France.

Countries with the most visits to

The site was started on 12th of october 2017 – the day of rejection of the appeal against the judgment of the Court of first instance, and the day of airing the TVN Uwaga programme.

Top countries. Results 1-12 of 17

Ireland 48,17%
Poland 43,13%
United Kingdom 2,90%
United States 1,55%
Spain 1,35%
Italy 0,52%
Germany 0,52%
Netherlands 0,48%
Australia 0,32%
Czech Republic 0,28%
Russian Federation 0,28%
Norway 0,20%