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Please share as broadly as possible

Blatantly unjust judgement is touching to many sensitive people all over the world.

The story of young girl, who is alone, without family in foreign land.
Trapped by unwanted “love”.
As a result of unfortunate event – forced to fight for life with forces of water, with the river, storm, the tide.
Struggling with unfeeling Irish law system.
Presented in the worst possible way in Irish media.
Pushed around by prison authorities.

Who could be interested with it?
The “strongest” people in Ireland have set up against her.

Who will back a poor Polish woman, who is not supported by “anyone important”?
Poles, “the eastern wall” of Poland, Lublin, Świdnik? (According to some Poles, she abandoned Poland after all).

People with money or acquaintances do not sit in jails.
Martha has neither money nor acquaintances.

The third force is public opinion and the internet.

Martha is NOT GUILTY of what she is accused for, and IRELAND HAS GREAT REASON TO BE ASHAMED.

If You think You want to help us, please share as broadly as possible:

  1. TVN Uwaga programme
  2. Money raise for helping Martha

Internet’s paths are various. We need such a “tide” of sharing with which Marta fought for her life. Martha is still fighting for her life. This time in different way. Thank you very much for every share, that can add to such “tide”.


I want to help

We invite you to prepare materials

What help is currently being welcomed:

Preparation of topics related to Marta’s case for the needs of:

  • websites helpformartha.org and pomocdlamarty.pl (in Polish language),
  • helping the new solicitor for Supreme Court (in case of acceptance by the Supreme Court),
  • helping the new solicitor for European Court of Human Rights.

Proposed subjects:

  1. The quality of lighting and crash barriers on the quay in Arklow.
  2. What is shown by such thorough reconstruction and changes on the quay in Arklow, made after the accident?
  3. The impact of muscle building substances on Csabas emotional excitation.
  4. The influence of Csaba’s behaviour in the car on the course of events, and on the accident.
  5. Determining of Martha’s level of proficiency in English language in march 2013.
  6. The legitimacy of exclusion of Martha’s alleged words spoken directly after the accident and without translator.
  7. The lack of translator, as an infringement of constitutional rights.
  8. What is shown by the lack of solicitor during the 12 hours interrogation of Martha?
  9. What is shown by the form of the 12 hours interrogation of Martha: once giving Martha cigarettes, and once shouting and alternating questions, and on once every moment asking “did you deliberately drove into the water?”
  10. The impact of media campaign egainst Martha in Irish mass media on the decision of the Court in the first instance and the Court of Appeal.
  11. Had Marta’s current solicitor been prone to negligence and blatant errors?
  12. Other subject considered important in the case.

We invite You to help in preparing the materials.
We can publish the articles – upon wish – anonymously.

We grant consultative assistance in confirming facts.

If it is possible we ask for materials in two languages: English and Polish.