Statement from Marta Herda’s family and friends to Irish mass media.

On 25th of october 2017 we sent an email to television stations and newspapers in Ireland:

“Dear Sirs

For over four years now Irish media publish reports on events related to tragic accident involving Marta Herda, in which the passanger of the car died.

All this time all reports were one-sided: they came from the prosecution or the family of the deceased.

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Highly recommended

Thorough article by Dziennik Wschodni

Lublin resident convicted to lifetime for murder instead of accident. Interview with Martha’s Mother –  Dziennik Wschodni

Lublinianka skazana na dożywocie za zabójstwo zamiast wypadek. Rozmowa z matką Marty – Dziennik Wschodni

Martha Herda's Mother

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Announcement of an article in Dziennik Wschodni

Convicted in Ireland for lifetime inprisonment. Martha Herda’s mother doesnt’ believe in her daughter’s guilt. Dziennik Wschodni

Skazana w Irlandii na dożywocie. Mama Marty Herdy nie wierzy w winę córki – Dziennik Wschodni

29 years old Martha Herda from Lublin Region serves lifetime sentence for murder. The woman and her family fight for justice and convince that this wasn’t murder but tragic accident.