Funeral of Martha’s aunt – Lucyna – another funeral without Martha

Today was the funeral of Martha’s aunt, Lucyna.
She was Martha’s father’s sister.
The funeral was held in Lublin at 10a.m

It’s the fourth funeral in Martha’s family, on which Martha couldn’t come.
Previous funerals were in Martha’s mum’s family.
Nnow it was the funeral of someone from Martha’s father family.

Previous funerals, that Martha couldn’t attend:
Dates of people’s from Martha’s family deaths:
December 21, 2016 – grandmother Zofia (Martha couldn’t leave Ireland)
February 18, 2016 – grandfather Stanisław (Martha couldn’t leave Ireland)
July 12, 2017 – cousin Marcin (Martha in prison)


“As far away from here as possible” – For Martha Dochas Centre isn’t a place she would want to come back

“As far away from here as possible…”

Hello my darling.
Mum told me, that I should paint how I feel. So I did. That’s how I’m feeling. But I promise I will do everything to not lose my senses. I know that you’re with me.

But that’s nothing… We have time 🙂 You’ll send mi, or come to me, it’s 21 days 18 hours and 30 minutes yet. After that I only have to wait additional 18 hours and 15 minutes 🙂
It’s 28 today, I’m sending the letter tomorrow, because it’s night right now. I want to say thank you that I will see you, I know how difficult it is for you. I love You.

P.S. After reading throw away this ugly pictire, so it won’t scare you 😛



Another nice talk with Mrs Kelleher

Martha managed to get to Mrs Governor today.
Martha raised a number of objections.
She raised, that she doesn’t receive things from locker, she can’t pass any presents.
She raised the matter of degrading.
She even didn’t get the prize for over a year – €30. For a dress she sewed out of garbage bags a year ago. She won the contest, she got the 1st place, and the financial prize that was supposed to be – is gone. The inmates that held second and third place won prizes €20 and €10 respectively, and right away they went shopping at the store. And Martha – nothing. For a year.
Martha feels treated worse. Treated different than other inmates.
Other inmates have and can, and Martha doesn’t.

Ms Kelleher considered Marta’s allegations serious and said she could file a formal complaint on the official form.

What Martha did?
She says that she doesn’t want to make problems to anyone.
Always the same, constant Martha
(She didn’t wan’t to make problems to Csaba either).
She doesn’t want to file formal complaint.
There would be an official investigation.
Martha doesn’t want to make problems to anyone.

As for Martha’s degradation, Mrs Kelleher admitted that Martha should be informed about who and why wrote such note for her.

Martha asked Mrs Kelleher to consider, if she could talk to her family on skype as a part of her telephone calls.

Another nice talk with Mrs Kelleher.
Thank you.
Will something positive come out of it?


“I’m here for one and a half year already, but I feel like it was much more…” – sixth fragment of Martha’s book

Book fragmentWhat is my current situation in prison.

I’m here for one and a half year already, but I feel like it was much more. Time passes very slowly, especially at nights. For time to pass faster I try to do whaever I can, and take what the prison offers.

I’m in a single cell, meaning I’m alone in the cell, so I feel safer. I wouldn’t like to share the cell for different reasons, among them thievery, lack of understanding, conflicts of different kinds, or bringing other girls to the room. I have a key to the room, and every time I go for dinner I close it.

Inmates are divided into three stages: basic, standard, and enhance. I am enhance, that means I can have two phone calls per day to my family or friends, every call for 6 minutes. I can also have two visits per week, thirty minutes each.

I work in the library and I get paid for it, + €3 per week (basic – €6, standard – €12, enhance – €15,60), meaning I have €18,60 per week.


We thank all believing people for their prayers

Martha’s tragedy has no political colours.
It’s beyond divisions.
It moves both believers as non believers.
It’s also beyond any religious differences.

We thank very much everyone for remembering Martha and her case in your prayers.
We thank very much people of different religions, Churches, and religious associations.
We thank for all sincere, selfless and free prayers.

Martha’s case is also a subject of constant prayers of Martha’s family

We’re grateful for sincere help to all non believing people.
In the face of human tragedy, solidarity and unity is the greatest support you can give.


The power of hope resulting from Easter

Easter is two events connected to Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ, whose name no one questions, and each religion only differ in their assesment of who he wasm and what role he played.

Those two events are:
1. The martyr, selfless death after an unfair trial and a scandalously unfair sentence
(As you can see, unfair trials, and grossly unfair sentences have a very long tradition)
2.Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

For believers, enormous hope flows from resurrection of Jesus Christ.
In the Holy Bible, a scripture recognized by many religion as a Word of God, St. Paul described this (1 Corinthians 15:12-14,16,17)

12 But if it is preached that Christ has been raised from the dead, how can some of you say that there is no resurrection of the dead? 13 If there is no resurrection of the dead, then not even Christ has been raised. 14 And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.


16 For if the dead are not raised, then Christ has not been raised either. 17 And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile

If Christ had risen from the dead then there is (will be) a resurrection.
If Christ had risen from the dead, then others will rise also.
If Christ had risen from the dead, then Csaba will rise from the dead also.
If Christ had risen from the dead, then milions of people who died will rise from the dead also.

If Christ had NOT risen from the dead, then… all Christian religions have no sense.

May faith in Resurrected Jesus Christ will be a source of enormous strength in waiting for resurrectiopn of every close ones, who died.
Someday this resurrection will take place…