Special meeting of all women prisoners – Martha understands very little

Today was a meeting of every woman prisoner, held in the gym.
Everyone who wanted to come.
We’re not sure of the occasion or the purpose of this meeting.
It is possible that it was held on the occasion of 100 anniversary of gaining rights by women in Ireland.
The meeting happened on 10 a.m. and lasted until 11:40a.m.

Few women had spoken: 1) 85 year old woman, who was a judge, 2) a businesswoman, who was involved in one of tv programmes, gaining funds for an interesting business idea, 3) a woman workng in child care, 4) a journalist.

Martha didn’t understand much of what they were saying.
She didn’t understand much, although in prison, she is constantly learning English language.

There were also other attractions: coffee and delicacies.
People who attended the meeting, including Martha, received a book with speakings of the women, chocolates, a bottle of water, and a ballpen.

Something different in prison’s monotony…
And coffee…


Funeral of Martha’s aunt – Lucyna – another funeral without Martha

Today was the funeral of Martha’s aunt, Lucyna.
She was Martha’s father’s sister.
The funeral was held in Lublin at 10a.m

It’s the fourth funeral in Martha’s family, on which Martha couldn’t come.
Previous funerals were in Martha’s mum’s family.
Nnow it was the funeral of someone from Martha’s father family.

Previous funerals, that Martha couldn’t attend:
Dates of people’s from Martha’s family deaths:
December 21, 2016 – grandmother Zofia (Martha couldn’t leave Ireland)
February 18, 2016 – grandfather Stanisław (Martha couldn’t leave Ireland)
July 12, 2017 – cousin Marcin (Martha in prison)


“Usually I am sitting in my cell, counting days until next visit or phone call… I don’t need anything from you…” – seventh fragment of Martha’s book

Fragment of the bookUsusally I am sitting in my cell, counting days until next visit or phone call. I don’t hang out with women from the prison, because they live in a totally different world, and they have most different characters, which I prefer to avoid. I try to avoid any complications or provocations, that’s why I prefer to stay in my room.

There is another Polish woman here, to whom I can go for a coffe, and sometimes talk. We sit together in the dining room. It helps me a lot, that I have someone to talk to. But as for the people working here, unfortunately you can feel there is not very nice atmosphere here, I suspect it’s because of my descent.

I could write and write about situations that happened to me here, but about some things, I’m scared to even write. That’s why I keep repeating to myself: “I don’t need anything from you”.

Of course you can not avoid everything. There is always a time of confrontation, and the need to ask for booking the family or other things needed for everyday living, like toilet paper and so on…


“As far away from here as possible” – For Martha Dochas Centre isn’t a place she would want to come back

“As far away from here as possible…”

Hello my darling.
Mum told me, that I should paint how I feel. So I did. That’s how I’m feeling. But I promise I will do everything to not lose my senses. I know that you’re with me.

But that’s nothing… We have time 🙂 You’ll send mi, or come to me, it’s 21 days 18 hours and 30 minutes yet. After that I only have to wait additional 18 hours and 15 minutes 🙂
It’s 28 today, I’m sending the letter tomorrow, because it’s night right now. I want to say thank you that I will see you, I know how difficult it is for you. I love You.

P.S. After reading throw away this ugly pictire, so it won’t scare you 😛



Letter/painting from March 26, 2018 (fifth anniversary of Csaba’s death) – “As far away from here as possible”

Martha’s mum asked, that Martha, if she has a hard time, would express her emotions through painting.
On fifth anniversary of Csaba’s death, when it was especially hard for her, Martha painted a picture. The family, which received it, understood Martha’s state.
A silhouette of a woman bent down. Face pointing down. Hair covering everything. Hands covering face from surrounding sharp bushes. The hands protect the face tilted towards the ground, and at the same time allow it to tear through the brushwood. The silhouette is in motion, even running. And everywher around – dry, sharp, scratching bushes.
Everything dominated by two colors – black and red turning into orange.
The state of Martha of March 26, 2018.

On the opposite side Martha painted a silhouette of a girl with balloons with meaningful writing: “As far away from here as possible”
Besides a letter to the sister. “I do everything to not lose my mind”
And Martha’s countdown… precise… days, hours, minutes… to her sister’s arrival…

We didn’t discuss publication of the painting with Martha.
Martha writes that after reading, throw away “this ugly picture, so it won’t scare You”.
The sister didn’t throw it away, she was not scared.
The picture has something in it.
Before everything it expresses Martha: her  feelings, her state… truth…

It was a good idea, to advise Martha to express her emotion through painting…

We will publish fragments of a short letter to her sister.
Maybe someday, after discussing it with Martha, we will also publish the painting from March 26, 2018…
Maybe someday… Martha will paint another picture… different colours, different situation, different environment, different Martha…
Maybe someday…


Prompt action of Mrs Kelleher – thank you

After talking to Martha mrs Kelleher promptly took care of the matters about which she talked with Martha.

Through an officer, she passed following informations to Martha:
She noted in the system, that situations of walking the yard in shower slippers wouldn’t cause another note in the system, and degrading the level of inmates.
Martha received such note, although she never walked in such slippers.
Her slippers always remain by the shower, and she never walkes in them outside.
Outside Martha always wears crocs. Unfavourable officer took her crocs for shower slippers.

Unfortunately, unfavourable note could not be removed from the computer system.
It will remain there and also degradation of Martha will also remain, only a week long.

Ad for talking to family through skype, an officer responsible for that will look into the matter.
The family would be very grateful for such possibility.

We thank very much to Mrs Kelleher for prompt taking care of problems reported by Martha.


Another nice talk with Mrs Kelleher

Martha managed to get to Mrs Governor today.
Martha raised a number of objections.
She raised, that she doesn’t receive things from locker, she can’t pass any presents.
She raised the matter of degrading.
She even didn’t get the prize for over a year – €30. For a dress she sewed out of garbage bags a year ago. She won the contest, she got the 1st place, and the financial prize that was supposed to be – is gone. The inmates that held second and third place won prizes €20 and €10 respectively, and right away they went shopping at the store. And Martha – nothing. For a year.
Martha feels treated worse. Treated different than other inmates.
Other inmates have and can, and Martha doesn’t.

Ms Kelleher considered Marta’s allegations serious and said she could file a formal complaint on the official form.

What Martha did?
She says that she doesn’t want to make problems to anyone.
Always the same, constant Martha
(She didn’t wan’t to make problems to Csaba either).
She doesn’t want to file formal complaint.
There would be an official investigation.
Martha doesn’t want to make problems to anyone.

As for Martha’s degradation, Mrs Kelleher admitted that Martha should be informed about who and why wrote such note for her.

Martha asked Mrs Kelleher to consider, if she could talk to her family on skype as a part of her telephone calls.

Another nice talk with Mrs Kelleher.
Thank you.
Will something positive come out of it?


We’re stopping one of the counters – 6 cosmetics were delivered to Martha after 141 (!) days

Today is the last Sunday of the month.
Martha was supposed to receive the cosmetics on April 1, she didn’t received them.
Just today.
Exactly 6 cosmetics.
Apparently she was supposed to choose which cosmetics she needs now.
But she wasn’t given the opportunity of choosing.
She came down to reception, and she receivef 6 (six) cosmetics chosen for her.
Right now some of the cosmetics Martha needs more.

The cosmetics given to Martha are those brought for her by her sister.
They were brought on December 8, 2017.
After 141 days of holding them, six of those cosmetics were handed to Martha.
141 days is 4 months and 21 days – 41 days more and it would be half a year.

Next 6 cosmetics Martha  will receive on the last sunday of May, in a month.

Regarding giving the cosmetics to Martha we’re stopping one of the counters on our sites. Counters of shame of prison services in Dochas Centre Ireland.

Giving the cosmetics to Martha gives us mixed feelings. We don’t know: should we thank or not.
The duty of prison services was to give those cosmetics to Martha long ago, at the latest on April 1.
Is handing over the cosmetics to Martha after 141 days, a proper fulfilling of duties by prison services?
Should we acknowledge something, that someone was supposed to do long time ago? What was his or her duties?

Thank you for handing Martha 6 cosmetics.


‘Prison should be about opportunity not punishment’ – Dóchas governor defends institution against ‘soft’ allegations (Dochas Centre as a great prison with perfect resocialization? Nothing but go there? – words, words, words…)

Watch: ‘Prison should be about opportunity not punishment’ – Dóchas governor defends institution against ‘soft’ allegations – Independent.ie

Watch: ‘Prison should be about opportunity not punishment’ – Dóchas governor defends institution against ‘soft’ allegations – Independent.ie


Source: www.independent.ie