“Not for murder” – third fragment of Martha’s book

Third fragment of Martha's bookI often think about other things that happened here in Ireland. People butchering each other with knives, hiding the bodies somewhere, killing innocent children, and running from the accident site… All those horrible cases end with “involuntary manslaughter”. I can’t understand anything of it. From the start I was afraid that I will get “involuntary manslaughter” rather than accident or driving causing death, but I knew that a man died and I need to hold responsibility for that, so I tried to prepare myself for this, but “murder” never crossed my mind. That word frightens me, and I don’t know how to get my head around it and I don’t hear it. I can’t get over it, I can’t understand this. This reality seems fiction to my head. I would want to get over it, be strong and get through this, but this tires me, and I don’t know how. Not for murder.

Highly recommended

Suggesting Martha’s “secret” phone

Martha had two phones with active cards. One with number ending in …32, the second with number ending with …05. She had one of the phones for 7 years (…32), the second one fo 2 years (…05). She used both of them.

Why she had two?
Martha says herself, that she sometimes lost the phone or leave it somewhere and she couldn’t find it. So she bought second one, as an additional phone.
She also switched the cards between them, so she was using the newer phone on the main number (…32) , and older phone on the second, additional number (…05).
The older phone,  with less used number (…05), Martha took with her in the situation, where she anticipated that she can loose it somewhere (on tours, strolls) or leave it somewhere.
Both of Martha’s phone numbers were known to her friends and both were actively used.

How billings from Martha’s phones were prepared:
Only the period from March 23rd 2013 (3 days before the event) to March 26th 2013 (the day of the event), was taken.
Only contacting selected people was presented.
What came out of it:
Using the number “…32”:
– Martha called Csaba – 4 times
– text messages from Csaba to Martha – 2 times
Using the number “…05”:
– Martha called Csaba – 8 times
– Csaba called Martha – 13 times
– text messages from Csaba to Martha – 7 times
This was juxtaposed with Martha’s phone calls  to Victor (only using the number “…32”)
– Martha called Victor – 16 times
– text messages from Martha to Victor – 11 times
Based on this, Irish Garda, and the prosecutor’s office came to conclusion, that Martha had a “secret” phone (“…05”), she used only for calling Csaba.

Despite the matter had been explained earlier, that both phone numbers were known, and in use all the time, this didn’t prevent the prosecutor to present this in the court as an argument against Martha.


Why the Prosecutor suggested that Martha had a "secret" phone for talking with Csaba? Select and vote (you can select one answer, or provide your own short one)

“Human is made only of just a thin skin… Every step of life frightens me now…” – second fragment of Martha’s book

Second fragment of Martha's bookI think a lot about how long will all of this last. My family sacrifices so much, kids grow up, so many is happening but I miss it, and it won’t come back. I know my Mum and others need me, and I can’t help them in anything. Often I think, will my life get back, at least in similar degree as it was, to where it was before? Will I ever smile again, and will I have the courage, or will only fear of everything remain. I’m afraid, that life is so fragile and dangerous, and human is made only of just a thin skin, and everything can happen. Every step of life frightens me now. But I know I’m not alone, and I have a family who loves me and helps me to get through this life now, but none of us understands a lot, especially from this Irish law.


Thank you very much for every initiative

We give our greatest thank for every personal initiatives and support for Martha’s fight for freedom.
This support was and is expressed in many different ways.

Thank you for all letters written to different people.
For sent emails.
For phone contacts.
For personal talks with people, who can or should get involved in Martha’s case.

Soon we will thank, by name, the people who significantly involved themselves in the fight to restore justice.

Regarding sending of different requests for help to different people, we would like to ask you one thing:
Please send a copy (scan, photocopy) of sent letters or emails to our email address. We want to prepare documents for ECHR, to confirm that the injustice that affected Martha caused general commotion and various spontaneous reaction of many people.


We thank you very much.


“Shocking story of Polish woman. She will spend rest of her life in prison” – video on nzclip.com (in Polish language)

Wstrząsająca historia polki. resztę życia spędzi w więzieniu – Nzclip.Com – Hot video clip, clip nz hot, High quality video clips

Wstrząsająca historia polki. resztę życia spędzi w więzieniu – Nzclip.Com – Hot video clip, clip nz hot, High quality video clips


Source: nzclip.com/


“Polish woman convicted to lifetime imprisonment in Ireland. The family is still fighting for her freedom” – article on poszukiwanimagazyn.pl (in Polish language)

Polish woman convicted to lifetime imprisonment in Ireland. The family is still fighting for her freedom

poszukiwanimagazyn.plSource: poszukiwanimagazyn.pl


Martha’s book title contest

We announce a contest for the title of the book which is written by Martha.
Please send us your proposals. They will be subject to voting, and the title with largest number of votes in the moment of finishing of writing, will be chosen.
Submission of proposals and voting will be possible only on one of our pages.

The contest provides prizes:
1. Placing the name of the author (if he agrees) in the book
2. Free copy of the book with Martha’s autograph
3. Invitation to special dinner with Martha’s closest ones after leaving prison. The exact date and place we will provide later.  It will certainly be in more friendly country – Poland.

We present our proposals of the title:
1. “Ireland?
I don’t go there…
I have no gun licence…”
2. “I drove into the water…”
3. “Nightmare in Ireland – how judicial mistake ruined my life”


“I have anger in me, and it even makes me mad, that I have it in me…” – first fragment of Martha’s book

We start sharing fragments of book being written by Martha.

This is original manuscript, without corrections. Please do not hate Martha for multiple spelling errors. Printed version will be error free.
Here let it be additional “flavour”, showing true, sincere Martha. Plain and good girl, with awful spelling, but with rich, sensitive inside.


What do I think about?

About the accident, about him, and his family.
Most often I think “WHY?”.
Most often I think about my family.
About past and future life.
About love surrounding me, familiar and friendly.
How long? When? Why? Why?
About justice and the power of people holding it.
How to teach myself to live with all of this? Get over it? And believe.

I’m not hiding it, I have an anger in me, and it even makes me mad, that I have it. I don’t want to have it inside, but it goes along with sadness, disappointment, fear.
I always think about what I have. Great love and my family’s fight, and I know, that I must be strong for them, and not let myself go crazy. They are everything to me, they always were and always will be. Sometimes I think about other women here, that maybe they are who they are because no one loves them? Or maybe they don’t have family?
I don’t know, I don’t understand many things here, especially women with children, very sad thing. I think a lot about my great love, tiny dog who died. Her name was Figa (she was a Chihuahua). It certainly wouldn’t happen if I only was with her. My heart aches, but I try to explain this to myself, that now she is my little angel.