Dochas Centre: How Christmas Day is spent inside Ireland’s women’s prison – from December 24, 2018

Dochas Centre: How Christmas Day is spent inside Ireland’s women’s prison

Dóchas Centre: How Christmas Day is spent inside Ireland’s women’s prison

RSVP’s Marguerite Kiely visits Mary O’Connor, governor of theDochas Centre in Dublin


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Death always comes too early – words of gratitude for Senior Marshal of Polish Parliament Kornel Morawiecki

On Monday, September 30, 2019, before noon, in the presence of his so, the Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, Marshal Senior Kornel Morawiecki had passed away.
In unanimous opinion of Polish people – remarkable personality, a man of action, a patriot, an outstanting Pole.
From our own experience we can also say, a man sensitive to someones harm.
Marshal Senior Kornel Morawiecki, despite attending important matters of the State, and his own health problems, took interest in the case of Martha Herda.
After getting to know the case, he saw the need to intervene in the case of Martha Herda.
The family asked him to wait untim Martha will find herself in Poland…

We wholeheartedly thank the Marshal Senior Kornel Morawiecki for his interest in the case of Martha Herda. This alone was a huge support for Martha and the source of great comfort.
Martha got to know about Marshal’s death on Monday noon. It was exceptionally hard day…

On behalf of Martha Herda and her Family, we express our sincere compassion to the family of late Marshal Senior Kornel Morawiecki.
We express our special sympathy to the Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki, and to Jerzy Morawiecki.
The more Outstanting Man, the greater emptiness remains…

Medical examination for Martha – NOT in Ireland

On Tuesday, August 13, Martha was scheduled with new medical examination in a hospital nearby.
Martha had consulted her family in Poland.
Medical examination and proper treatment are certainly needed for Martha. Both Martha and her family see that.
But after consulting the family, Martha decided: NOT in Ireland.

On Monday, August 12, Martha went to the nurse in prison, and told her about the decision. With respect, politely, but firmly, she refused for the possibility to pass proper medical examination.
The nurse had written Martha’s statement (in English) about refusing all medical examinations in Ireland.
Martha signed the statement.

Tuesday, August 13, passed quietly for Martha.


It’s been 3 YEARS already since the disgraceful sentence in Ireland, it’s 3 YEARS of harming Martha Herda

July 28. 2016, Martha Herda appears by herself in the Central Criminal Court in Dublin
A few minutes before the noon, she heard a sentence: lifetime imprisonment.
One would say: “Only in Ireland” – to come for the trial on one’s own recognizance and be imprisoned for the rest of life. In this young girls case – for all of her life.
Yes – “Only in Ireland”

The jury, which couldn’t reach a consensus for few days. Suddenly, “miraculously”, unexpectedly, in the last moment, issues almost unanimous verdict, 11:1.
We say again: “Only in Ireland”.

Today, after 3 years since that day, sometimes we ask ourselves: “Where the verdict set in the case of Martha Herda really come up?” “And when did the verdict in the case of Martha Herda really come up?”
Are we entitled to such questions?
Maybe time will provide answers and proofs for those questions.
Where do the verdicts in Ireland do come up?
“Only in Ireland”?

And what is now, after 3 years?
The girl, who needs specialized psychological assistance, who is struggling with traumatic memories, who was burdened with responsibility also for the behavior of the passenger of her car.
Instead of receiving such help, she was considered a person, who needs to be isolated from the “healthy”, “normal” society.
One would like to ask “WHO is “healthy” and “normal” here”?
Yes, such things happen only in Ireland.

“Who was he for me? – … Many situations frightened me… I tried crying… I wanted him to stop, to end it.”- twenty first fragment of Martha’s book.

Since that moment the situation got only worse and it was more and more awkward, both at and outside of work. Many situations frightened me, so I tried to show him that I am angry. But when he was saying “I love when you’re angry” I tried crying, because I was getting sad and sorry, especially that so many people have been involved in this nonsense. I wanted him to stop, to end it. So we could get along. Sometimes I was even able to believe that he gave up, when he was  saying that he’s going on a date or coffee with Dagmara. I was happy inside, but again it turned out that he only wanted to check if I’m going to be jealous.

“Not only about the case of Tomasz Komenda” – Oleńka Wagner – (in Polish language)

Nie tylko o sprawie Tomasza Komendy

Nie tylko o sprawie Tomasza Komendy


“Who was he for me? – he was following me literally everywhere… I had no idea how he does that. I started thinking that I have a GPS in my car.” – twentieth fragment of Martha’s book

After that, my roommate and others found out that’s something is wrong, and asked me if I needed any help. I was certain that he will get bored or his brother will talk to him. My roommate (with whom I live for 8 years), talked to his brother. It even worked for almost a month. But only with phone calls because he knew, that I won’t answer or text him back. Quickly I’ve noticed that he is following me literally everywhere, to the shop, to friends, to Dublin airport, to work… I had no idea how he does that. I started thinking that I have a GPS in my car.